Trust Yourself


Is  seeing with the soul.  

Dean Koontz 

Your intuition is a key component in figuring it out.  

People get similar results because they act and respond similarly.  

Trust your instincts when they scream out to you to act differently. 

Sometimes it takes making a wrong turn that requires you to make another wrong turn that somehow puts you back on course.  

You can never see the two wrong turns turning into the right path ahead of time.  

But your intuition can. 

It can see around corners and over mountains. 

It can see two wrong turns ahead. 

Be still and listen to your soul. 

It will whisper to you. 

Trust it. 

Trust it even when it is telling you to do something that is not completely solving the problem. 

As it may be working a few steps ahead. 

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  1. John,

    Such a timely message for me! I just lost me job after 41 years as a nurse due to not taking the mandated COVID vaccine. I prayed about getting it and made two appointments to get it. But the Holy Spirit clearly spoke to my heart and imparted to me that I was NOT to take the vaccine at this time. It is very hard to walk away from a job that I not only loved, but the comfort of a high paying job. It is scary not knowing what tomorrow brings and I don’t know what the future brings but I know the ONE who is ALL KNOWING, and He hasn’t let me down yet!

    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy time spent with family!


    Pam Gillen

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    • Pam, I’m so sorry you and everyone in the health care industry has to be forced to choose between their beliefs and their jobs. My prayers are with you – your intuition is all knowing. I know things will work out for you in the long run. Well wishes & Happy Thanksgiving to you abs your family.



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