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That Ain’t Nothing.

I often wonder to myself what have I accomplished in my five decades of life. Then I realize that I’m unconditionally taking care of five souls in this world. That’s what I want to do. That’s who I want to be. That’s who I am. That ain’t nothing.

Nice Trade Mets

If you ask me which I’d rather Jacob DeGrom signed for 5 years/$185 million OrMax Verlander signed 2 years / $86 million There is no doubt I’d rather have Verlander. Nice “Trade” Mets. Verlander and Scherzer – 2 of the most intense competitors around. The Mets now have […]

Impatience is Expensive

Francisco Lindor of the NY Mets, who is signed to a 10-year $341 million dollar contract received 77 points in the 2022 NL MVP voting. Andres’ Giminez, who is pre-arbitration eligible (MLB Minimum wage) and who was traded for Lindor, from the Cleveland Indians received 144 points in […]

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Inside Greatness

There reaches a point in a wrestler’s career where a wrestler realizes that his real opponent and his real fight is against himself. The challenge: To be able to push himself to limits, he never thought possible in circumstances he never could have imagined. To never be broken […]

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