Book review

Make Adjustments, Not Excuses

There will always be rocks in the road ahead of us. 

They will be stumbling blocks or stepping-stones. 

It all depends on how you use them. 

Friedrich Nietzsche 

Excuses provide a reason why something didn’t happen in the past without an adjustment to correct the reason to why it won’t happen again in the future.   

It is the adjustment that is key, so that same thing will not happen again in the future. 

Adjustments take the reason and add an action that solves the problem.   

Always go further than looking for the reason why something didn’t work out as you had liked. 

Invest the time to look for the adjustment you need to make to ensure it won’t happen again in the future. 

You win, or you learn. 

Apply what you learned when you didn’t win and then that non-win can never be deemed a loss. 

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