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Eclipse is a chapter excerpt from the newly released book

“Strange Angels”

In a dark time,
The eye begins to see.

Theodore Roethke

August 21, 2017

I don’t have answers to why the Universe does what it does.

Or why it aligns people, places, or events in our lives that put our world into total darkness.

Sometimes, I believe it does it to prove that the light will always prevail over darkness.

Eight years ago, to the day, events aligned in my life to send my world into total darkness.

Today, the Universe flexed its muscles and decided to send the whole world into total darkness for two minutes and forty seconds as a gentle reminder to me and everyone else of the vast power of its light.  

The solar eclipse of 2017 was a rare celestial event that both humbled and elevated me.

Viewing the eclipse on social media made me feel like I was this small person on this small planet being shown this grand cosmic spectacle.

It gave me a sense of how fragile our world and our lives are.

I also felt enthralled.

The darkness of the eclipse was total and all-consuming.

The sight of the light was awe-inspiring.

I was mesmerized.

I was not alone.

Millions of people gathered outside their houses to see it.

Some traveled thousands of miles to experience it, to be in its presence, to get a glimpse of its totality.

What is it about a total eclipse that attracts people’s wonder?

Is it the total and complete darkness that attracts people?

No, if it were, people would marvel at the night.

Is it the light that attracts people?

No, if it were, people would be amazed every time they flipped a light switch on in their own kitchen.

I attest the attraction is neither the darkness nor the light, but the battle between the two.

I believe what attracts the human race to marvel at a total eclipse is how the light fights to continue to shine despite the totality of the darkness it is consumed in. 

No matter how dark things may seem, the light always finds a way to emanate through.

Sometimes, it takes total and complete darkness to see the absolute power and magnificence of the light. 

Today, with America being the most divided it has ever been, the Universe decided to unite the human race with a celestial event.

A free celestial sky show, for all to see.

I attest eclipses are not rare events at all.

Each of us has darkness in our every day lives.

And each of us has awe-inspiring light in our lives, too.

Our human spirit.

Why does it take a rare natural event for us to appreciate our everyday world?

There are miracles all around us each day.

To experience this celestial event, people traveled thousands of miles to see the darkness, or the light shining through it.

I’m not sure if they knew themselves.

But if each person just became more aware of their miraculous events in their lives, they could experience it every day.

There are people the Universe has used as total eclipses in the history of our world.

Where, for some unknown reasons, events aligned that attacked their world with total darkness, but somehow their light fought to awe-inspiringly shine through.

People like Helen Keller, Anne Frank, Eli Weisel,

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela. 

These are the well-known people whose light we all have drawn from.

I believe there are everyday people in each of our lives whose light, when we come into its presence, transforms us.

These are our own personal Strange Angels.

To those who are in the midst of a serious struggle, know, you are strong enough to endure.

To prosper.

To shine.

To give off light.

And it is that light which emanates through your darkness, which transcends our spirit.

In your darkest hour, remember,

The light always prevails.


Is a chapter excerpt from

The newly released book

Strange Angels 

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