Strange Angels

I started writing Strange Angels in 2016, and like with all the books I have ever written, at certain points in the writing process I knew an event hadn’t happened yet that was crucial to my finishing the book.

So, I decided to give it some distance.

Strange Angels is about stillness, plateaus, listening to your soul, it is about how the people you meet in your life are for a very specific reason at a very specific time. It is about how I’ve noticed that real life events often simultaneously occur in your life to either renew your spirit or to answer a problem you have been trying to solve on your own, but have not been able to as of yet.

With 99% of the book complete I knew there was something missing.

So, I listened to my soul, I gave it some space.

I finished Strange Angels today, during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, with the whole world shut down.

Seeing the world in solitude, social distancing, and understanding who and what is essential in life was the event I needed to experience to finish this book.

I understand the importance of interactions with people, the need to live life, of seeing the world, of knowing the effect we all have on one another, and that the invisible can be very powerful.

I know more than anything else in this world when a life-changing event simplifies your life, brings it down to a standstill, the gift you are given is the ability to hear your soul.

Your souls was always there for you,

Life just provided too much noise, and it drowned it out.

When you take away worldly noise ones soul is audible.

The opportunity to clear the air, to be able to listen to our souls is a gift.

When we hear and listen to our soul we are aligned.

Life in soul alignment is the most important time in our lives.

It is in soul alignment that the Divine orchestrates our journey.

Soul alignment sends us to the right path we need to travel for us to wind up where we were meant to be, and become who we were meant to become in this world.

There is nothing more important.

So often, we make plans without ever listening to our soul, and we wonder why those plans peeter out at some point.

It is only after experiencing a life-changing event, after all we have or ever worked for is washed away in an instant, that we realize we are most rich.

For a very special gift has been given to us.

The gift is a clear audible pathway to our hear soul.

I believe it is when we hear and listen to our soul that we are guided by Strange Angels in our life, who, often will direct us to the next Divine dot in our lives.

I have often tried to define what success is in life, I have concluded success is living a life that is in alignment with your soul no matter the circumstances.

To recognize the people who speak to your soul, to partake in actions that make the sound of your soul louder, to trust in the process of life.

When we do, I believe, we are living successfully.

To be able to recognize the

Strange Angels your soul sends into your life you must be aligned with your soul.

Sometimes, it takes a life-changing event, like a world pandemic to become soul aligned.

Welcome the Strange Angels.

Get to your next Divine dot.

For, when the dots eventually all become connected the portrait of your life is revealed.

strange angels ebook 20200422 1000x1600-1

Strange Angels will be released May 1st.

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