The Banana Peel


The closer you get to them sometimes the harder they are to achieve.

Even if you do everything right they can cruelly evaporate in a city second.

While watching the game yesterday between Chatham and Orleans the shortstop from Orleans stood out.

He was smooth.

He had a gun for an arm and a vacuum for a glove.

The best way to describe him was he was silk.

After doing some research on him I came to understand he was a 3x All State player from Texas, who originally went to Texas Tech then transferred to a Community college – and clawed his way to Oklahoma State.

He had a good season this year and accordingly, he got an invite to play ball on the Cape for a couple of months in the summer.

It was his opportunity to shine and showcase his talent in front of major league scouts.

Unbelievable opportunity.

And from the game I saw he was doing just that.

While he was on deck, I was having a conversation with someone how this must be Heaven for these guys.

They get to play ball, in a beautiful atmosphere and environment playing in front of fans who appreciate the game and scouts who could get them to the big leagues.

My last comment was I hope they realize what they have.

Then – Boom.

A 94 MPH fastball on the hand.


He had to leave the game.

He probably will have to leave the Cape.

The way the hand was hanging It looked like it was broken.

Just like his dreams.

Just like that.

I hate when the banana peel appears out of no where.

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