That Feeling of Home

When I was a young dad, and my kids where 2 & 4 years old, it was common for me and my wife to buy a pizza and eat it as a family on the pitching mound of the East Moriches Little League Field.

I feel at home on a baseball field.

I’ve been to some great fields.

I’ve been to The East Cobb Complex, I’ve coached in over 1,000 games at Baseball Heaven, I’ve Lived at Cooperstown Dreams Park for many summer sessions (12 in total) – and at every wrestling tournament I’ve ever attended I’ve always snuck out the back door to check out the baseball field.

Baseball fields give me a special feeling.

It’s a feeling I seek out in my life now.

It’s hard to explain.

It’s also hard to explain that out of all the places I could go to get away from life for a few days that I’d look to travel 7 hours just to seek that feeling on another baseball field.

This time in Cape Cod.

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