The You Flu – Spread It


For one of the first times in history, we are tracing the contagious characteristics of a virus.

We are seeing where something comes from and how something spreads.

Imagine if we could also see where goodness, kindness, belief, and optimism comes from and where it spreads.

It is time that this world gets the You Flu.

Spread the best of you.

Infect everyone whom you come into contact with –
with belief, optimism, hope, and love.

Now that we have seen how fast the smallest of things spread, let’s make the biggest of things spread faster.

Spread kindness.
Spread caring.
Spread love.
Spread humanity.

Spread the best of you.


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  1. John, I read this post several days ago and everyday since. Thank you for your gentle reminders and your inspiring words.


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