Be Coachable


You must always be
The apprentice.
Even when you become
The master.

Christopher Cumby

Whether you think you can learn from everyone, or whether you think you are too good to learn from anyone; you will be right.

Wouldn’t you rather be right increasing your knowledge rather than restricting it?

Don’t cut off your ability to learn or limit where your education will come.

I believe, how coachable you are as an athlete will dictate how you will see people in life.

If you feel you can learn something from everyone, your outlook on people in life will be vastly different than if you feel there is nobody you could learn from.

The ability to treat every person you meet with kindness, whether they are the janitor or the CEO of a major company, will allow you to learn from everyone in life.

Every person alive has a story worth telling.

A story worth hearing.

A story worth sharing.

Listen to people’s stories, and your life will be better for it.

Hear their trials and tribulations, their moments of glory, how they overcome adversity.

Meet the people they love and learn the reasons why they do.

Be curious.

Learn from other people’s lives, and your life will be fuller for doing so.

Be open to the fact that every person on this earth can teach you something.

And you will find, they will.

This is a chapter from:

Wrestling Rules for Life Digital 20190826

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