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Live In The Zone


Good and great
Are seldom in the same man. 
Winston S. Churchill

Cracker Barrel has a hand-held game where the object of the game is to roll a small ball into a tiny hole by tilting the board it is on in different directions.

It looks easy.

Until you attempt it.

And when you do, no matter how precise your tilt of the board may be, the ball will get close to the hole and carom away.

It takes many, many attempts to get the tilt just right so the ball falls into the hole.

After many attempts and lots of frustration, your tilt will be just right, your poise and balance will be exactly appropriate, and the ball will magnetically roll into the hole.

That is the best description of The Zone.

The Zone is the time and place in life where everything comes together perfectly.

It is where good transitions into great.


The zone is a self-made state of massive production.

It is where focus, work, and time combine for phenomenal results.

It is the place where everything goes your way; every break, every call, every roll of the ball, it all goes your way.

The Zone is an extremely rare state, one which is most difficult to get into.

You get “In The Zone” by having extreme focus, discipline, and perseverance.

You get “In The Zone” when you keep pushing good to become great.

Once you arrive “In the Zone” you must preserve your time there like a rodeo rider attempting to stay on a bucking horse for as long as he can.

Every second counts.

Every experience counts.

Time and experience are prerequisites for entry into The Zone.

On each attempt and subsequent failure, you are writing your algorithm for success.

Each attempt becomes better than your last as failure supplies new information for you to incorporate in your next attempt.

With each attempt and subsequent failure, good is getting one step closer to becoming great.

How many attempts will be needed to have good become great?

That is unknown.

But there is an amount.

The challenge is to walk with the unknown until the known is revealed.

Learn to be comfortable in the unknown.

As its mastery is vital to your success.

Thrive in it.

As it will lead you to The Zone.

Where good gets turned into great.

For All Works by JohnA Passaro


“Live In The Zone”

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Wrestling Rules for Life Digital 20190826

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