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Bent But Not Broken

Excerpt from Your Soul Knows – Don’t Eat My Food


There are events that will absolutely dominate you in life, but you can never let them seep into your soul and break your will.

Belief, confidence, enthusiasm, optimism, hope, these traits you need to protect like a kings’ treasure, for they are more valuable than any currency in life.

There are days’ life is going to try to eat your food.

And the honest truth is, it can.

You only have two choices.

The first being, to sit back, let it happen and let your will be broken.

And the other is to fight back, knowing you are going to take a beating, but your will and soul will remain whole.

Always fight back.

The beatings stop and the wounds will heal.

Broken wills, seldom do.

Hearns taught me that night in 1985 that you don’t even have to win the fight to be considered a winner. Sometimes giving it all you have is enough.

Every time you get up and fight, it takes the fun out of it for life.

All life wants is to know you will stay down without it having to be there, keeping you down.

Once it realizes your will is strong and you will get up every time it knocks you down, it will move on because it can’t accomplish what it set out to do.

And that is to dominate your soul.

Which you, and only you alone, control.

Eventually, life will just move on to something else.

And your soul will flourish.

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