You Need Multiple Ways To Beat an Opponent

I do not favor a certain position in choice.

I favor choosing advantage positions.

Whichever position they may be.

In order to be able to choose advantage positions as often as necessary, a wrestler must train and strive to be dominant in all positions.

A wrestler cannot have a weak position.

A weak position limits a wrestlers’ ability to beat an opponent a certain way and makes him vulnerable to being beaten by a wrestler who understands and utilizes the choice philosophy.

A wrestler’s goal should be to be dominant in all three positions, thus giving himself the greatest amount of ways in order to beat any and all opponents.

A wrestler who relies on one position that he is dominant in to win every match is a flawed and vulnerable wrestler.

Take a wrestler who is dominant in the neutral position and is average on top and bottom.

This wrestler may win a significant amount of his matches by being dominant on his feet but as soon as he runs into another dominant wrestler on his feet, and he will, his dominance will be neutralized.

To obtain the label of being dominant in a position requires an extreme amount of hard work and experience, but the benefits and rewards of being dominant in a position far outweigh whatever price you have to pay in order to obtain that status.

If a wrestler has a -2 level difference in a position compared to his other two positions, (ex. Dominant, Dominant, Average), he is extremely vulnerable and all of his work and effort should be focused on reducing or eliminating this level difference. 

Choice is not predetermining what you are going to choose, but rather choosing the position where you have the greatest advantage.

In order to have the greatest amount of advantage possibilities, a wrestler must train and strive to be dominant in all positions.

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