WrestlingU is a book series dedicated to the wrestler who is looking to get to the next level.

A wrestler who understands the value of training his brain along with his training body.

Each book in the series tackles and breaks down a key aspect of the sport of wrestling.

Each book is specifically designed to be short in length and direct to the point, thus creating an easy read.

The series is not about piling on pages of information on the topic, it is about presenting key aspects of the topic in a simplistic but powerful manner.

Most books in the WrestlingU Series will be approximately 40 – 60 pages in length, and will contain information that when implemented will take a wrestler to his next level.

The genius is in the simplicity.

The books can be read in any order.

Pick a topic that is an interest to you.

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Train Your Brain

Have you ever wondered why two wrestlers can wrestle multiple times with drastically different results?

Or why –

wrestler A beat wrestler B,
wrestler B beat wrestler C,
but wrestler A lost to wrestler C?

The answer is hidden in plain sight.

Styles make matches.

Choosing to create and wrestle in advantaged positions and avoid wrestling in disadvantaged positions, is the most underutilized strategic asset in wrestling.

The wrestler who wrestles in his advantage position, for a greater amount of time in the match, will have the higher probability of winning.

That is the reason why two wrestlers wrestle multiple times with drastically different outcomes, and why the logic doesn’t hold that if one wrestler beat another he should be able to beat the wrestler his prior opponent beat.

If you watch and research matches between the same wrestler’s you will see, more times than not, the reason there was a different outcome in each match was because one wrestler was able to wrestle in his advantage position in one match and was not able to do so in the other.

A wrestlers’ job is to understand which position is his advantage position versus each one of his opponents.

In which position the highest probability of scoring points as quickly as possibly exists.

And to get to that position.

I believe, you don’t get to that position by chance,

I believe, you get to that position by choice.

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  1. Styles Make Matches 
  2. What Is The Goal Of A Wrestling Match?
  3. What Is An Advantage Position?
  4. Given
  5. Let Me Be Clear
  6. Case Study
  7. Never Choose Based On the Score
  8. Don’t Be A Hero
  9. Eliminate Your Opponent’s Best Position
  10. You Need Multiple Ways To Beat an Opponent
  11. Be One Step Ahead
  12. Being In Harmony With Your Coach
  13. Choose The Known
  14. Short Periods
  15. When an Escape Will Earn You -1 Points
  16. The 99 Pound Weight Class In New York
  17. Strategies
  18. The Ultimate

    Dominate WP-FB 1200x628 little voices point scorer

    Train Your Brain

    We have all seen the contest where a person in a bank vault has 360 seconds to grab as much money as possible.

    If it were you, would you stop grabbing money after you had “just enough” in your hands?

    Would you stop grabbing money when there were only 60 seconds left?

    Would you ever be too tired to keep grabbing more money?

    Obviously, not.


    Because the reward of what that money can do for you overrides any of the reasons to stop.

    A wrestling match is the same type of contest.

    You need to have the same kind of mindset.

    To a wrestler, points are money.

    In each match, you have 360 seconds to score as many points as possible.

    When the whistle blows, the allure of scoring points must override any and all obstacles.

    Have a safe lead?

    Need to score more points.

    Have short time?

    Need to score more points.

    Have a fear of losing?

    Need to score more points.

    As like with the money grab, the only time you stop scoring points is when there is no time left in the contest.

     Paperback 200x72.png

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    1. The Contest
    2. Why Dominate
    3. Leave No Doubt
    4. The Ultimate Domination
    5. There Are 4 Types of Wrestlers
    6. The Release
    7. Little Voices
    8. Score First
    9. Expand The Lead
    10. Back Points
    11. Score On The Line
    12. Score With Short Time
    13. The Power of Unanswered Points
    14. Score On The Line With Short Time
    15. Everything Matters
    16. End Each Period On Top
    17. Now, What?
    18. Wrestle Like You’re Down By 1
    19. Matches Are Live Practice
    20. Be Dominant In Each Position
    21. Be Entertaining To Watch
    22. If You Dominate, They Will Come

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