When An Escape Will Earn You -1 Points

The Choice Philosophy requires you to think like a pool player – two steps ahead.

It makes little sense to work hard just to put yourself in a disadvantaged position.

Follow me.

You are wrestling a wrestler who is dominant in the neutral position.

He proves his dominance in the 1st period with 3 takedowns.

You have choice in the 2nd period.

Obviously, you are not going to choose the neutral position.

But let’s play out the period to see how wrestlers actually do exactly that.

You have choice and choose the bottom position.

You work hard and earn your 1 point for an escape.

Just to put yourself back into the neutral position where your opponent is dominant.

He proceeds to get another takedown.

Your decision to choose bottom, when fully played out, cost you -1 points.

Why would a wrestler work to put himself in a disadvantaged position?

Know when to work for an escape and know when to work for a reversal.

Let’s strategize that same situation.

It is your choice in the 2nd period against a wrestler who is dominant in the neutral position.

You have two choices.

Choose bottom or top.

If you choose the bottom position do not attempt to get a 1-point escape. 

ONLY work for a reversal.

A reversal will keep your opponent on the mat where the matchup is more favorable to you.

This strategy has one flaw.

If you choose bottom, your opponent can immediately cut you to put himself back into an advantage neutral position.

The second choice is to choose top and work to score from that position.  

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