What is an Advantage Position?

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An advantage position is a position where one wrestler has the highest probability of scoring the greatest amount of points in the shortest amount of time.

In every wrestling match, there are 3 distinct match ups.

1 – Both wrestlers on their feet.
2 – One wrestler on top, the other on the bottom.
3 – One wrestler on the bottom, the other on top.

For each match analyze all 3 matchups to determine if an advantage position exists.

You do this by rating both you and your opponent in each position with the following Rating System:

Above Average
Below Average

An advantage matchup exists for a wrestler when the difference in the matchup is one level higher or greater. (Dominant/Above Average etc.)

A disadvantage position exists for a wrestler when the difference in the matchup is one level lower or less.

To win the greatest amount of matches, against the highest quality of opponents, a wrestler needs to wrestle in advantage positions and avoid or eliminate wrestling in disadvantaged positions.

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