The Ultimate Domination

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Train Your Brain

Let me be clear, I am not against pinning an opponent.

I would just rather do it after I have amassed a 15-point lead.

A tech-pin.

Is there any more defining form of domination in a wrestling match?

A tech-pin not only maximizes the 6 points you will score for your team, but in the process it also improves your technique, increases your stamina while you accumulate valuable mat time and match experience.

Just pinning an opponent only accomplishes half of your goal – winning the match.

Ironically, quick pins are counterintuitive to achieving the second purpose – to best prepare you for your biggest match of the year.

Before you throw tomato’s – let me explain.

Let’s take a look at a 40-0 undefeated wrestler who has pinned every one of his opponents in the first period.

He is now entering the postseason.

Where he will be facing a higher quality opponent.

Where the matches will be closer.

Where the matches will most likely go the distance.

This 40-0 undefeated wrestler now finds himself in unchartered waters.

Not one of his 40 quick pins prepared him to be able to score at will, deep into a match, against a quality opponent.

Not one of his 40 quick pins increased his stamina by making him dig down and pushing forward when tired.

Not one of his 40 quick pins increased his mat time and situational experience.

If, before each of his 40 pins he also scored 15+ points per match, he would then have better technique, increased stamina and more mat experience.

All of which would more adequately prepare him for his biggest match of the season.

The only match that counts.

The match he will remember forever.

So, how do you dominate and score 15+ points per match against quality wrestlers?

First, you need to understand what breaks a wrestler.


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