The Release

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Train Your Brain

Every wrestling match that you wrestle will be difficult.

Until, it’s not.

It’s not that your opponent can’t match your intensity, he can and will.

The question is for how long can he do it?

The difference between the quality of one wrestler with another is in the length of time they can match your intensity.

Everything you do in a wrestling match should be designed to convince your opponent that he will not be able to match your intensity for the whole distance.

And when you convince him of such, you will feel a release emanate from his body.

That release will be your opponent’s belief evaporating.

Never to return.

When the release occurs, the match is over long before the last second of the clock ticks away.

You have convinced your opponent that he will lose.

And he truly believes it.

An experienced eye will be able to pinpoint the exact moment in the match when this release occurs.

The release will result in a slight decrease in your opponent’s effort as he will no longer compete at as high a level of intensity.

He will continue to wrestle, but without belief.

He will just go through the motions. 

He will no longer match your effort.

He will no longer pressure you.

He will miss opportunities.

And he won’t take advantage of your mistakes.

He will become predictable.

He will no longer be a threat to you.

He will focus his attention on the remaining time in the match, counting down the seconds, looking more to survive than to give himself a chance to win.

Because he knows that, he can’t.

You have already convinced him of that.

You will hear people in the crowd say, “He broke him.”

But you will know that long before those words ever enter your ears.

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