The Perfect Ending

Again – Chapter 36 – JohnA Passaro

The fulfillment of your dreams
Lies within you and you alone.
When you understand and accept this,
Then nothing,
Or no one,
Can deny you greatness.

I have been given a gift.

A perfect ending.

An undefeated, 50-0, New York State Championship season for Travis.

Just like Travis gave his brother the nod he knew that he had this, so I give my family and friends the same nod.

I got this.

There are 21 seconds left on the clock.

I am going to hit a switch on life, to win this battle, with 6 seconds left.

To have more good than bad come from this tragedy.

To care for and cure Jess, and to live and love life.

There are a few things in life that occur.

That you don’t ask for.

That are just dealt to you.

These things can define you or you can be defined through them.

I elect to define myself through overcoming what has been dealt to me in my life.

It took thirty-one years and two generations of tweaking to get my first perfect ending.

Now I am going to work on my next one.

There are going to be many occasions in life when you are faced with giving up, when the normal person would not hold it against you for stopping, when

almost everyone would give you a pat on the back for a valiant effort.

It is at that time when you have a choice to make.

You could accept the alibi that is being thrown to you by life, or you can try “Again.”

When your goals are big enough, the odds don’t matter.

A diagnosis is not a prognosis, unless you let it be.

“Be the first one back to the circle,” I say to myself as I start another day in Jess’s recovery.

“Jess, can you say Mom?”

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