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Thank you for purchasing a copy of “6 Minutes Wrestling with Life.”

As a way of saying “Thank you,” please accept a coupon for 50% off of the purchase of any of the following books:

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Again_HD_1560x2500_20160518  Again – The sequel to “6 Minutes Wrestling with Life”

ysk_e_1560x2500_20160520-1-mb  Your Soul Knows – The third book in the series.

Good Man, A - JohnA Passaro  A Good Man – When You Find One, at Times You Will Have to Forgive Him.

Sharing Inspiration and Optimism WORDS 230160122 Sharing Inspiration and Optimism – Essays on Life, by a Life-Changing Events Club Member

WrestlingWriting_Kdp_20160416 1560x2500 Wix  Wrestling Writing – Capturing the People & Culture of the Greatest Sport on Earth

Dominate_Kdp_20160406  Dominate – Become a Point Scorer and Get the Little Voices to Talk

Choice 1560x2500 20160409  Choice – The Most Underutilized Asset in Wrestling

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