Short Periods

The period time length should also be factored into the equation when determining choice.

There have been some major tournaments with championship rounds or wrestle backs with 1 minute periods, either 2-1-1 or 1-2-2.

When you run into a 1-minute period you need to ask yourself one question when determining choice:

In what position will I be able to score the points that I need, in the time that I have in the period?

Here is the problem that you run into in a 2-1-1 in the

1-minute period.

Say you are down by two points in the 2nd period and you choose the bottom position.

You will then have 60 seconds to get your escape and then get a takedown, in order to win the match.

It is very easy to take 30-45 seconds for an escape (not recommended) and that will leave you with only 15-30 seconds left in order to get a takedown against a wrestler who will be in an all-out stall.

Unless you get a takedown within 10 seconds, choosing the bottom position is not recommended in a 1 minute period.

Wouldn’t you rather have the full minute on your feet in order to get the takedown that you need?

Yes, that would only tie the match – but the short period makes it necessary to think differently.

It is so easy for the top wrestler to throw in a leg and take 30 seconds off of the clock, or to push you out of bounds a few times.

Choose neutral, tie the match, go to overtime and win it there.

Watch matches with 1 minute periods.

See how many wrestlers never adjust their thinking and choose down, when down by 2, only to chase a stalling wrestler around the mat and to come up frustratingly short.

In contrast, choosing down with a lead in a 1-minute period will more times than not lead to your opponent immediately cutting you – so he can have the full time in the neutral position.

When the time in the period is adjusted, so must your approach to choice in that period.

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