Never Choose Based On the Score

If there is no clear advantage in any position you should wrestle by the normal format of a wrestling match.

But, when an advantage position exists, a wrestler should choose that position because it gives him the highest probability of scoring the greatest amount of points in the shortest amount of time.

Why wouldn’t you want to wrestle from an advantaged position?

Sometimes the score will tempt you to abandon the Choice system.

This is where you need to have faith in the philosophy.

Do not let the noise of the norm distract and persuade you into being like everyone else.

“But I am only down by 1 in the 3rd period. I will just take bottom; it is an easy point. I will get my 1 first to tie up the score and then I will be in my advantage position on my feet.”

Sounds logical.

But logic doesn’t win championships.

Let’s analyze the choice.

You are down by 1 going into the 3rd period.

You have a disadvantaged position on the bottom as your opponent is dominant on top.

You could choose neutral (your advantage position) or choose bottom (your disadvantaged position), in hopes of getting your 1 and getting to your advantaged position.

In my opinion, the higher the probability of a positive outcome is by maximizing the time spent in an advantaged position and minimizing, or totally avoiding time wrestled in a disadvantaged position.   

What if, in the above example you chose to go down into your opponent’s most dominant position, instead of obeying the rules of choice and choosing your most dominant position, which was the neutral position?

Does that mean that you can’t get out and get your 1 to tie the match? No, it does not.

What it means is that it may take you a lot of time and energy to get that 1 point, and every second that passes with you on the bottom is 1 less second less that you will be able to wrestle from your advantage position, your feet.

Hence, maximizing time wrestled in a disadvantaged position and minimizing time wrestled in an advantageous position.

The exact opposite environment of what you want to create for yourself.

Creating the perfect environment for victory for


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