Look on Your Stoop

A Good Man – Chapter 31 – JohnA Passaro

If we will be quiet and ready enough
We will find compensation
For every disappointment.

Henry David Thoreau

Everyone has eyes, but how many people see with a vision?

Everyone has ears, but how many people truly listen?

Everyone has fingers, but how many people feel with every touch?

Everyone has a heart, but how many people have compassion?

Everyone has family, but how many people really feel a sense of belonging?

Yes, adversity takes things from you which you don’t want to give up, but it must replace what it takes with an equal or greater gift.

Those are just the rules.

The tricky part about adversity is that it doesn’t tell you the rules.

It is up to you to figure them out.

There are many gifts that remain unopened in our lives.

They have been delivered by adversity.

Most remain on our stoop just like when the UPS man delivers a package, doesn’t ring the doorbell and just walks away without letting us know that something special has been delivered.

Eventually, we realize that there is a special package waiting to be opened and we go looking for it.

Go look on your stoop, look on the back porch or near the garage – I bet there are a lot of special packages waiting to be opened.

Open them.

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