Let Me Be Clear

I am not saying you should arbitrarily choose top, or the neutral position just to be different and go against the grain.

There will be many occasions where you will not have a clear advantage position versus an opponent.

In these matches following the normal format of a wrestling match should be followed.

But when you have scouted your opponent, or you have wrestled him before, and you know an advantage position exists, it is crucial to recognize that if the “normal format of a wrestling match” will not allow you to wrestle from your advantage position for a majority of the time in the match, then it is key for you to utilize your choice to put yourself in that advantaged position.

And when you do, you will have the greatest opportunity to beat your opponent.

In the occasions where it warrants, deviating from the normal format of a wrestling match by choice will be highly controversial, against the grain and outside of the box.

I needn’t remind you so is winning a championship.

Be more prepared than your opponent.

Be smarter than your opponent.

Be more strategic than your opponent.

Separate from the pack.

Be Excellent.

By Choice.

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