Great Coaches Change Lives


One of the greatest things that has come from my writing, has been the people I have met.

Absolutely great people who have inspired me.

If the improvement of one’s life is gauged by the number of great people that have been added to it year after year, well I can truly say mine is much improved since I have started writing.

Under the same category of meeting new people, and equally important, is reacquainting with old friends; friends that you haven’t spoken with in many years.

There is nothing better.

If you have someone that you value, and you haven’t spoken to them in a while, pick up the phone…

It is that simple.

Today, a high school friend of mine, Bill Ward, one whom I regard as one of the brightest humans I have ever met, picked up the phone and called me.

We hadn’t spoken in 30 years, but there is something about a high school friend that time can not tarnish.

We spoke for an hour, which felt like 8 minutes, and it was awesome.

Awesome because time couldn’t stand in the way of reigniting a friendship, even more than Facebook posts…

Awesome because Bill wanted to talk with me, and I with him.

Awesome because I remember Bill and I trying to figure out life during the AP Classes we took together, and because today we tried to do the same thing…

Just 30 years later.

Awesome because we both wanted to know what was going on in each other’s lives.

If there is a person in your life that you would like to speak with, call them.

It is that simple.

During our conversation, Bill and I talked about the impact a great coach could make on a young athlete.

We reminisced about our High School days and he told me about a tribute that some of the X-Country runners from William Floyd had for such a coach.

“Coach Labo”

Coach Labianca changed lives.

I came across a blog from one of Coach Labo’s former runners that I would like to share.

Reading this blog made me realize just how much of an impact one man can have on so many lives.

Great coaches change lives…

Great people make life…

Time should never take either one.

If it has – change it.

The greatest asset in your life are great people that you know, not money.

We invest so much time trying to make money.

Imagine if we invested the same amount of time rekindling relationships with great people who have come into our lives.

I’m glad Bill picked up the phone today, after 30 years.

I have always said that “more good than bad” is going to come from my family’s adversity.

That is my mission.

Accomplishing it may be as easy as truly caring about people.

The funny part is that neither Bill nor I ever competed for Coach Labo.

But we both have been impressed by the way he changed lives through his discipline, beliefs and unending dedication to improve people’s lives.

Imagine if we all were “Coach Labo” to someone…

What a great world it would be.

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