Here are the givens of a wrestling match.

In the 1st period, both wrestlers will start out in the neutral position.

In the 2nd and 3rd periods, wrestlers by choice will alternate taking the bottom position.

99% of all wrestling matches will follow this format.

This is the “normal format of a wrestling match.”

It is almost as if it is mandatory that a wrestling match proceed to be this way.

It is not.

In this ‘normal format of a wrestling match’, advantage positions only occur by chance.

You have worked too hard to leave anything to chance.

What has given me the most amount of success in my life is my willingness to work hard and my willingness and ability to think differently.

If you want to be excellent, and by definition, only a few can be called excellent, you need to think and act differently from the pack.

Isn’t it funny that a wrestler will train a whole year, do endless two-a-days, cross-fit, and torture themselves physically just for an edge on their competition, but then underutilize one of the greatest assets that will give them an edge, an advantage, by doing what everyone else does when it comes to choice in a wrestling match?

Why is this?

Wrestlers are taught not to think – to listen to their coaches.

Wrestling coaches are creatures of habit, they think in a certain way and rarely deviate from the tried and true.


Because their wrestling coach taught them not to think.

It’s a vicious cycle.

I have the utmost respect for all wrestling coaches.

But if you believe that finding an edge on your competition increases your probability of winning, and winning is important to you, I believe one of the greatest edge’s can be found –

In choice.

By recognizing, understanding and utilizing the philosophy of choice, will give you a big edge and will lead to BIG WINS.

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