Film Day


What should you do the day after a tournament?

Just like in football, the day after a competition you should watch film and analyze your performance.

You then take that information and incorporate it into your practice for the upcoming week.

A competition is like a test.

Students of the sport review the test after it is given back to them.

They analyze the questions on the test that they got wrong and then they find the right answer.

So when the same test is given again in the future they will then answer all the questions correctly.

Watch your matches and analyze where you scored your points and where you gave up your points.

Analyze where you almost scored (and why you didn’t), and where you would have given up points if you were wrestling a better opponent.

Count your points that you scored in all positions – Neutral/Top/Bottom


Count your attacks in the neutral position.

Count the length of time it took you to engage and attack after each whistle.

Analyze the pace, the flow. Is this conducive to your style?

Analyze how many times you didn’t finish, and why?

Analyze what moves scored points and how many shots put you in a bad position in which your opponents then scored from.

Clean up your stance – see how many time you broke your stance. You may get away with that against average wrestlers but you are not looking to beat average wrestlers, you are looking to beat great wrestlers.

Analyze your work from the mat.

From now on I am not going to refer to the top position as “top” but as the “offensive” position – that it is what it actually is.

And the bottom position is the defensive position.

When you take that approach you will learn to score points from the offensive position, which in return will be the reason you beat wrestlers who are considered better than you.

Did you score from the “offensive” position?

If you didn’t – why not?

To just ride and give up 1 from the offensive position doesn’t make sense.

You need to be able to score from every position.

Get the mindset that you are able to turn everyone, and you will.

How long did it take you to score from the offensive position?

Were there moves that ate up too much time for too little reward?

Did you stay under the arms from the offensive position?

Count how many times you rode over the arms and how many times that led to your opponent scoring.

How long did it take you to get out from the defensive position?

Was it more than 6 seconds?


Did you stand up?

By analyzing how long it took to score from each position, allows you to come up with a high points per minute scoring approach.

Remember the goal is to become a point scorer.

The way you become a point scorer is when you push the pace and are jealous of your time.

A Point Scorer must have the ability to score points in a short amount of time.

You are going to have to utilize every second of the 270 seconds in an off season match in order to score 15 points in the match.

Attack within the first 6 seconds of every whistle on your feet.

Stay under the arms from the offensive position – tilts, tilts, tilts.

Multiple Tilts.

Did I say tilts?

More tilts.

There is nothing that will rack up points faster than tilts.

There is nothing that will mentally defeat good wrestlers then giving up back points.

From the defensive position – get out within 6 seconds from the bottom.

Stand up. Be explosive.

Analyze what moves were low points per minute moves, the ones which took the most time for a small payoff.

If it took you 62 seconds to get out from the defensive position to get your 1, that is a low point per minute approach.

Work on getting out quicker.

Make it your goal to get out from the defensive position within 6 seconds.

Analyze where you score your points the quickest.

Concentrate to get in that position as often as you can.

The Cardinal Rule is for every day of a competition/Travel translates into a day of rest.

The thing about cardinal rules, they are called cardinal rules for a reason, as you can ignore them at your own peril but they are always right in the end.

Give your body a rest the day after a competition.

In that time watch your matches.



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