Choose the Known

If you have wrestled a match in two positions and you know that you have an advantage in both of those positions so far, when you have choice stick to one of those two known advantages.

Why choose the position where it is unknown whether you have an advantage or disadvantage?


You dominated the first period with two takes downs and one set of back points.

The score after the first period is 6-1.

In the 2nd period your opponent chooses down and you get another set of back points, and then he escapes.

The score after the 2nd period is 8-2.

You now have choice in the 3rd period.

Should you choose the unknown matchup with you on the bottom and your opponent on top? (Add in the fact, just for good measure that he is long and lengthy.)

Or should your choice be either neutral or top where you have clearly dominated?

Chances are that if you dominated neutral and top you are probably going to be fine on the bottom, but I have witnessed too many matches where choosing the unknown matchup actually changed the course of the match.

If there are 3 choices and you know that 2 are 100% favorable to you – why would you venture to choose the 3rd unknown choice?

Stick with the known.

Choose the position that you know you have a clear advantage in.

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