Case Study

Take a look at the following ratings of each wrestler.

Neutral Position
Wrestler A (Dominant) vs Wrestler B (Average)
ADVANTAGE matchup for wrestler A

A on TOP, B on Bottom
Wrestler A (Average) vs Wrestler B (Average)

B on TOP, A on Bottom
Wrestler B (Dominant) vs Wrestler A (Average)
ADVANTAGE matchup for wrestler B

Based on the above data, where should Wrestler “A” choose to wrestle this match?

Wrestler “A” has an ADVANTAGE matchup in the neutral position.

Just as importantly, Wrestler “A” should avoid the bottom position where Wrestler “B” has an advantageous matchup.

In the above case study, in the normal format of a wrestling match, Wrestler “A” would have:

1 period in an advantage position (Neutral),
1 period in an even position (Top)
1 period at a disadvantage position (Bottom).

To have the highest probability of victory, Wrestler “A” should:

1 – Wrestle in the Neutral position
2 – Avoid the bottom position

When given his choice, Wrestler A should choose “Neutral”

This accomplishes the following:

It maximizes time wrestled in his advantage position and eliminates the time wrestled in his disadvantage position.

With the right choice the match will proceed as follows:

1st Period – Neutral Position
ADVANTAGE position for Wrestler A

2nd Period – Wrestler A chooses Neutral
ADVANTAGE position for Wrestler A

3rd Period – Wrestler B chooses Bottom
Wrestler A then immediately cuts him to create his 3rd ADVANTAGE position of the match.

With the proper choice wrestler A will have:

3 periods in an advantage position (Neutral).

Can you see how the same wrestlers can wrestle multiple times with drastically different results?

Do you see how valuable the philosophy of choice is?

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