Be One Step Ahead

What do you think happens the week before you wrestle someone for the 2nd time?

They spend the whole week looking at the video of your prior match.

And then they make adjustments and strategize for the upcoming match.

They assume and expect you to wrestle the same way you did in the prior match.

Be smart and good enough to be able to beat them a different way.

If you beat the wrestler on your feet the last match, they expect that will be your strategy again the second time you wrestle.

All of their work and efforts will go into stopping you from getting the takedown you got in the first meeting.

Use a different takedown.

In the same light, reanalyze and rank your match up with your opponent again.

Are their multiple advantage positions?

Choose a different one the second time around.

Have multiple ways to beat a wrestler.

Nobody says that you have to wrestle him the same way again.

Remember, it is your choice.

This time beat him from the mat.

When you take this approach you have basically eliminated technology from the equation.

Video of all your matches actually becomes obsolete.

Analyzing the film of the prior match is rendered useless.

All of your opponent’s time and effort to make the proper adjustments from the last match will go wasted.

Be one step ahead of your opponent.

Have multiple ways of being able to beat your opponent.

Strive to be dominant in all positions.

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