Be In Harmony With Your Coach

In order to have the greatest positive result come from a wrestling match, a wrestler, and his coach have to be in harmony about the choice that is made during the match.

There is nothing which will derail a wrestler faster than for him to disagree with the choice his coach made during his match.

When this happens the wrestler will have his mind on the fact that he doesn’t like the choice and will wrestle distracted.

He will hesitate.

And hesitation loses matches.

This has to be avoided at all costs.

The way to make sure you are in harmony with your coach’s choice in your match is to respectfully discuss Choice with him prior to the match.

Analyze your opponent in all 3 positions and give your input on where you believe the advantage and disadvantage positions are.

Obviously, your coach wants what is best for you, and I’m sure he understands that you being in harmony with his choice is vital for your greatest effort, so set aside time before each match to discuss match-ups.

The time to discuss choice is not during the match.

If there is a difference of opinion of what the choice should be, a wrestler should just wrestle and later discuss the difference of opinion.

Coaches should understand that wrestlers perform their best when they are most confident.

And confidence comes from a feel for the match on where the wrestler believes he has the highest probability to score the greatest amount of points in the shortest amount of time.

Harmony between coach and wrestler arises through communication.

This communication is best served prior to a match.

But a smart coach will recognize when a wrestler is not in harmony with his choice and he will ask for his input.

A wrestler in harmony with the choice will always wrestle better than one who is not.

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