Inside Greatness

There reaches a point in a wrestler’s career where a wrestler realizes that his real opponent and his real fight is against himself.

The challenge:

To be able to push himself to limits, he never thought possible in circumstances he never could have imagined.

To never be broken by reality, to always have hope.

To always move forward.

No matter what.

To do whatever it takes.

No matter the outcome.

To have the inner knowledge of knowing that you did everything that you could do in pursuit of your goal no matter what evil twist was thrown at you.

When a wrestler gets to the realization that there wasn’t one more thing that they could have done, they win.


No matter what the outcome is outside.

That’s the real battle.

When a wrestler reaches this point of inner knowledge, he achieves something greater than any title or accolade.

He achieves the inner peace of knowing that no matter what happens in life he is unbreakable and can bear any struggle.

That knowledge may be the greatest gift wrestling will ever give to him.

So, if you are in this fight, and if there is one more thing you can do

Do it.

That’s what it takes.

You’re fighting to acquire one of the most important tools you will take forward into your real battle and against your real opponent – life.


John Passaro


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