Dominate Your Way to a State Championship

The way you think .

That is the answer to the question,

“What is the most important quality I need to have to become a successful wrestler?”

It is not talent or being a hard worker or even surrounding yourself with good people – don’t get me wrong – these aspects are all extremely important – but eventually, you will be alone, and you will be faced with a fight or flight decision in a big spot.

The way you think.

That will make all of the difference to the outcome at hand.

Do me a favor – In your mind, think through all of your practices you ever had in your life – think about all of the drilling, the live sessions, the beatings, the grueling conditioning – add up all to that time and compare it to the time you have been trained how to think.

Massive gap in time, correct?

It bewilders me that the most important aspect of a wrestler’s true success, the way he thinks, gets the least focus.

My passion is to directly impact a young athlete’s journey toward success.

I love to coach.

To me, nothing is more pleasing than to be a small part of a wrestler’s overall success as a wrestler and as a person.

I have been part of a few wrestlers’ journeys and found it very rewarding.

That is why I am committed to my new project.

Dominate Your Way to a State Championship

How is this done?

It is done through communication – phone, text, FaceTime, or any form that works for you.

First, I listen to what you want – what your goals are, what you are saying, what you’re having a problem with, what your obstacles are – and then I teach you how to solve those problems and obstacles by the way you think.

Sounds simple right?

It is.

But it is also extremely difficult to put into play.

It takes time, guidance, and reassurance.

The most significant improvement a wrestler can make is learning to think like a champion.


That’s direct to the point.

My program is designed to make dramatic improvements in the way you think, which will improve your belief, confidence, and enthusiasm for the sport of wrestling.

$20 a week – full access to phone/text/FaceTime/videos Overall Thinking coach.

24 hours a day – whenever you need to adjust your thought process – or whenever you need to align yourself with thinking like a champion – a whole week of thought adjustment – motivation – inspiration – belief – confidence, and enthusiasm for only $20.

That is not $20 per call or hour or day – that is $20 for the week.

How does it work?

Sign up with the link below.

A PayPal link will enroll you in the $20 per week “Dominate Your Way to a State Championship” program.

Each week $20 will be automatically sent to keep you enrolled in the program to continue to have access to me through any communication you choose.

There are no time commitments. You can cancel anytime. If you need a week of confidence building – stay a week; if you prefer a long-term approach where I am with you for your entire season – that works also.

Whatever you choose.

Whatever works for you.


If you have any questions – reach out to

John Passaro



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