Rule #32 In Wrestling & In Life – Always Choose the Harder Option

Once you get past the point  of expecting life to be easy,  
It becomes much less difficult. 

I can always tell a wrestler out in the real world. 

They seem to always gravitate toward the difficult. 

When given a choice, a normal person will choose the path of least resistance. 

When a wrestler is given a choice, they will always choose the path of difficulty. 

Why is that? 

Because wrestlers know that nothing ever worth it was easy to obtain, and that nothing easy to obtain was ever worth it. 

A wrestler knows the reward is always correlated to the exact degree of difficulty of the task. 

And that choosing the harder option will separate you from the crowd in any endeavor. 

That is why wrestlers always choose the harder option. 

Life is the same way. 

Most people in life will choose the option that requires the least amount of effort for a smaller short-term result. 

Choosing the harder option, which sacrifices obtaining a small short-term result for a more enduring long term reward will require more time and effort. 

Hard work works. 

In a weird perverse way, wrestlers have been trained to understand that in the long run,  the harder option is always the better option. 

I’ve never heard a wrestler say,  

“Let’s go easy in practice today.” 

Wrestlers always choose the harder option. 

And in the long run, they are rewarded for doing so. 

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