Trust In One Thing – The Power of Your Will

It is not the number of obstacles that will be in your path that will determine your success, nor is it the degree of difficulty of the problems that lay ahead, nor is it the level of abundance of your resources to deal with those problems, no, the most determining factor of whether you will achieve your goals is your own will.

Will is defined as an internal predetermination of achievement despite the circumstances.

Will is more important than talent, resources, and opportunity.

It is more valuable than work ethic.

It is rarer than gold.

When you internally predetermine that you are going to accomplish something, you put the master at work.

You call on your subconscious mind to determine how.

To map out a path.

And soon after the Universe will start to help you.

Things will start breaking your way.

Every problem will have a clear solution.

Obstacles, chaos, and noise may delay you,

but they won’t stop you.

Your will is too powerful.

This is a chapter from

“Wrestling Rules for Life – Wrestling Is More Than a Sport It Is a Lifestyle”

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