The Universal Law Every Wrestler Needs to Master

Every wrestler has a mentality of always getting back to work, always doing more. Never stopping.

But is there a thing of working too much?

There most certainly is. It is the Universal Law of Diminishing Returns. It is a place you don’t want to be. A place where you do all the hard work but get diminishing returns. The totally opposite result of what you want or expected.

Ironically, at first, the wrestler’s mentality to get out of such a state is to work harder – working harder will only sink you deeper into the quicksand of the grind.

In order to counteract the Universal Law of Diminishing Returns one must do the exact opposite of what they were always taught to do – Nothing.

During this nothing state – you are actually doing something.

When you are forced to do nothing Grind Less – Sculpt More.


Winning by Tim Grover

Wrestling Rules for Life by JohnA Passaro

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