The Best Gifts Are Often Feelings Expressed.

A Beautiful Soul

by Cassidy Passaro

Being able to walk through hell once is lucky.

Being able to find your way back – That’s something most think is immortal.

Then again, it’s not just the journey,

It’s how we bounce back from seeing the horrific things.

Things only sought out in movie scripts and nightmares.

The things that make your heart wither,

Dropping to the floor.

But with you, never a cry or banter.

Despite the battle fought or tears shed.

At the end of the day you are there,

With a kiss on the head

No hesitation.

Tucking away everyone to bed

A different kind like no other.

You won’t give in.

You won’t say stop.

Not even a stutter.

It’s courageous people like you I look up to.

Although with all that you do

It’s not sure I can continue to say

You are a human of our kind

But thankfully you are here to stay

Because it’s impossible to put a smile on in adversity

And keep chasing my demons away.

You’re my Angel sent from heaven

Carrying us all together

Each day teaching us a new lesson.

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