Find a Way

A voice calls from within to go on.

And so, he goes on.

When asked why he did not quit

John Steven Aquari responded,

My country didn’t send me 5,000, miles to start a race.

They sent me 5,000 miles to finish the race.

John Stephan Ahkwari

Last Place Finisher

Marathon Runner from Tanzania

1968 Mexico City Olympics

I train a few wrestlers each year, mostly mental training for peak performance.

Before I start to train any wrestler, I always ask them,

Why do they wrestle?

Why do they want to win?

Why does it mean so much to them?

Why do I do that?

Because I understand during their journey to greatness, they will be tested.

They will be required to do things that seem out of whack, unfair, and without payoff.

And there will come a time when they will question whether all the work, sacrifice, and discipline are worth it.

And I need to know why enduring extreme pain is worth it to them.

Each of us has a special reason, a why, a driving force as to why we are willing to endure so much un-comfortability for so little pleasure.

Where does ones why come from?

It comes from within.

When you feel that you are part of something bigger, when you are doing this for more than yourself, then your why will be greater than any obstacle, and you will endure.

Out of all the rules you learn on the mat, this is going to be one of the most useful off the mat.

Some things defy logic.

Some things defy the odds.

Some things are inborn where you just know.

Those are the things you need to make happen.


You find a way.

No matter what.

Whatever it takes.



You figure it out.

If your why is strong enough, you will endure.

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