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Listen To The Tingle Of Your Soul

I have learned when there is a feeling tingling at your soul, you must listen to it without question.

Trust it without confirmation.

And act on it without hesitation or delay.

Disregard all logic, ignore the probabilities, and mute your ears to the naysayers.

The tingling is inside of you for a very distinct reason.

A reason that is so unique to you, to your life, and to your future happiness.

A reason, so profound, it cannot be comprehended in the present time, but its vast magnificence will one day reveal itself to you in splendor, at the absolute perfect moment in time.

That feeling brewing in your soul is absolutely on time and is precisely on point.

You need to believe that.

There is nothing more significant to your future happiness than for you to be in harmony with the magical feeling in your soul.

Listen to it, trust it, and act on it.

Your reason, when revealed, will fill the synapsis between the how’s and the why’s of your life.

They say the soul is like a parent to us, guiding us and giving us great advice along our life’s journey, and we are the child doing everything we can to ignore this advice.

Eventually, every child in the end finally understands their parent’s advice was dead on, they just couldn’t see or understand it at the time. Their life just needed time to develop.

One day in the future, when you are able to view your life looking backward, that inner feeling — your soul’s advice to you — will unmask itself and the pieces of your life’s puzzle will come together.

Until then, while you are forced to view your life looking forward, that feeling may seem fragmented and insufficient.

Trust the gaps in rationale and in logic.

Make the leap of faith.

Your soul tingles for a reason.

That tingling is your soul’s GPS.

It knows.

It is able to see around corners, over mountains, and through the fog.

It will lead you to where you are meant to be at the exact moment you are meant to be there.

Listen to it.

Trust it.

Act on it.

And eventually, you will understand why the tingling was gnawing at your soul.

“Listen To The Tingle Of Your Soul” – Is a book excerpt from “Your Soul Knows” Which can be purchased here.

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