No Whips Are Ever Necessary For the Elite

Horses understand the whip.
But I don’t want a racer that runs that way.

A horse that loves to run will beat a horse that’s compelled every day of the week.

I want my horses to love the track.

I want my exercise riders to have to hold them back in the morning because they are so excited to get out there and run.

Go Pro
Steven Pressfield
The Pandemic of 2020 paused life.

It even paused wrestling.

For some that pause caused a reason to become civilized.

For others it only made their passion grow.

Everyone is dealt the same cards this year, how you play those cards will determine whether you will be reaching to the center of the table and pulling the chips to you or not.

If this pause has caused more excitement to get out there and wrestle – you are better off for the pause.

If this pause has caused this sport to get further away from you – and are requiring the whip to get back, you are better off for the pause as well.

Better to know now.

For wrestling is too tough of a sport not to love.

No whips are ever necessary for the elite.

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