Soul Redirection

Appreciate the magnitude of its wisdom

I hate when the Universe flashes red lights as a warning that I am going in the wrong direction when I’m handling a difficult problem, especially when I’m dead set on going in that direction.

I hate it until I love it.

Sometimes your soul will whisper.

When you hear the whisper and dismiss it, your soul will shout.

When you blatantly ignore the shout the Universe will send a storm that will sweep you off of your feet, spin you around, and by the time your feet hit the ground, you will again be miraculously facing in the right direction.

Most times not even understanding what just happened.

Until you’ve experienced it a few times.

After experiencing this a few times you learn to appreciate the magnitude of its wisdom.

I now trust every storm that is sent my way to be a redirection of my soul.

Constant realignment.

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  1. *** I believe that storm is the HOLY SPIRIT, and the universe is GOD the FATHER…I remember telling you something like this a few yrs back. God Bless You, John !


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