Chapter Samples

It Is Going to Take More Than One Effort

Be Relentless

You may have to fight a battle

More than once, to win it.

Margaret Thatcher

If you want to beat an average wrestler, shoot once.

If you want to beat an above average wrestler, put two shots together.

If you want to beat an elite wrestler, you will need a relentless offensive attack without hesitation.

Having a relentless offensive attack without hesitation puts your opponent off balance, unguarded, it wears down his defense where you can then take advantage of his vulnerability.

The key to scoring is to get through your opponent’s defense.

One effort is easy for your opponent to defend.

It doesn’t cause him to get too much out of position, and it allows him the time to reset and get back into a good defensive position before your next shot.

Two attempts will make your opponent more vulnerable on the second attempt, force him to have less balance.

And if the second attempt is made immediately, before he has a chance to reset, he will be unable to stop your attack.

Great wrestlers have quickness, great balance, and mobility.

Great wrestlers are quick enough, with enough balance and mobility to stop two shots in succession.

That is why they are great.

There reaches a point though, maybe 3, 4, 5 attempts in, where your relentless pursuit without hesitation will prove much for even an elite wrestler to defend.

Your relentless pursuit without hesitation will get them to be off-balance, fatigued, and vulnerable.

Life is the same way.

Many times in life, a person will have one attack in the pursuit of their goal.

Life has enough experience to stop one isolated attack.

Sometimes it is experienced enough to stop two continuous attempts.

In my experience, rarely is life skilled enough to stop a relentless pursuit of your goal without hesitation.

That’s how you score in life.

With sustained multiple efforts, without hesitation.

By being relentless.


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