Noticing Tears In the Rain

Pain perception is a gift

Photo by Saneej Kallingal on Unsplash

When you become part of the secret club, the life-changing events club, you develop empathy for other human beings.

Your perception becomes so astute that you could see the tears of pain on someone walking in the rain.

And you literally hurt.

Some see it as a curse to see and feel such pain.

I believe it is a gift.

To be that in tune with the world is a blessing.

To be that in sync within our lives is amazing, as it is the goal of every human to feel, to experience, to share, to soothe.

Sharing pain with another is akin to sharing love.

Seeing tears in the rain is experiencing life through someone else’s eyes.

Seeing tears in the rain is easily missed, often overlooked but never by a life-changing events club member.

As they possess and are blessed with this pain radar.

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