What Does It Take?

If I were to ask you at the beginning of the season what you would do to achieve your goal this year, I bet you would have answered,

“I’ll do whatever it takes.”

I know things haven’t gone as you had planned, there has been a cruel twist to your season, to your career.

But your original answer was correct.

You need to do whatever it takes.

Remember you didn’t say,
I’ll do what was convenient,
or easy or common, you said,
“I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Nobody could have planned for this.

Everybody is dealing with the same circumstances.

There is no handicap.

There reaches a point in a wrestler’s career where a wrestler realizes there is more to wrestling than wins and losses. More than tournament championships, more than All-American status, more than National championships.

You see, all those accolades were against another opponent.

There reaches a time when a wrestler realizes that a wrestler’s real opponent is himself.

To be able to push himself to limits he never thought possible under circumstances he could never have imagined.

That’s the real prize.

To have the inner knowledge of knowing that he did everything that he could do in pursuit of his goal no matter what evil twist was thrown at him.

That nothing could stop his forward momentum.

When you get to the realization that there wasn’t one more thing that you could have done, you win.

When a wrestler reaches this point of inner knowledge he achieves something greater than any title or accolade.

He achieves the inner peace of knowing that no matter what happens in life he is unbreakable.

No matter the circumstances he will continue to always move forward.

If there is one more thing you can do

Do it.

That’s what it takes.
JohnA Passaro
Inside Greatness

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