Wrestling Is a Season In Life

Moms & Dads,

If there is a chance that your child believes that in your eyes you view them as only a wrestler there is nothing more important in your life than to correct that.

Today, in this hour.

They are so much more.

I know you know that, but they need to know that.

They need to hear that from you.

They need to see it in your actions.

They need to feel that.


As parents we can get so caught up in travel sports, wanting our kids to achieve, to perform, to prepare them for life that somewhere the fine line of being their coach and being their mom or dad got dulled.

Undull it.

Don’t assume they know it.

Take the time today to do something, say something that is not sports related.

That is not performance preparation.

That is not planned, expected, inspected and analyzed.

Just be with them.

Love them.

Let them know that wrestling, although important, is only a small part of who they are in life.

They are much bigger than a wrestler in your eyes.

They are more important to you than winning.

They are your child.

Let them know you would do anything for them.

Then show them.

Start by doing nothing.

Nothing wrestling-related today.

Let them know that wrestling is only a season in their life.

An important season, but just one of many seasons they will experience throughout their lives.

If both of you are there for them all as passionately as you were there for Wrestling season then life will be good.

Actually, great.

Make them realize that their best days haven’t been lived yet, regardless of how many top step of the podiums they have walked upon.

Let them know now.

Like right now.

Thank you.

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