What is the Least Amount You Would Accept?

Goals must be magnetic.

They must pull you towards their achievement through all obstacles.

Most wrestlers think they are setting magnetic goals for themselves.

They are not.

It is almost a reflex reaction for a wrestler to set their goal each year to be a State Champion.

But when you ask that same wrestler,

“What if you took 2nd, could you live with that result?” some would respond, “Yes”

“How about 3rd?”

“Yes, 3rd is still a very respectable year.”

“What about 4th?”

“No, that doesn’t sit will with me, 4th wouldn’t be good enough for me.”

In the eyes of this wrestler 3rd is an acceptable achievement for the season and 4th is not.

That’s where the magnetism is.

There is nothing wrong with that.

Except the wrestler has created a internal conflict – making his goal to become a State champion when his magnetism is attached to taking at least 3rd.

In reality, the above wrestlers

real goal is to take at least 3rd in the state.

The magnetism is not really at taking first, because, if it was, it would be unacceptable to take anything other than 1st.

To set a true magnetic goal ask yourself,

“What is the least amount that I would accept?”

That is your real goal.

Inside Greatness question,

“What is the least amount you would accept in your upcoming season?”


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