Inside Greatness Pre-Order

I have this theory that everyone has greatness inside.

It just has to be pulled out of them.

Some fortunate wrestlers get greatness pulled out of them by a coach, some by a rival.

I find though most wrestlers still have greatness clogged inside, yearning for it to be pulled out of them.

This book is for those wrestlers who want to pull the greatness out of themselves.

I believe asking the right questions pulls greatness out of people. The right question makes one contemplate and provide answers to understand a process like they never have before.

This book, part vision board, part journal, part sports psychology, part motivational self-help, it asks 100 intriguing questions to wrestlers pursuing greatness.

Each of the 100 questions provides space for the wrestler to contemplate, explore and write their answers. 

This book is designed for the wrestler who is seeking to become a champion and understands the importance of the mental game in wrestling.

This is a great book to utilize before the start of the season.

Pre-order a copy of Inside Greatness today.


Pre-Order a Limited Edition paperback copy of

Inside Greatness – 100 Questions Every Wrestler Must Answer In Pursuit of Becoming a Champion

The first 100 Pre-Orders will be signed and numbered x/100.

Expected Shipping Date: August 15th, 2020

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