Push Beyond Your Limits Daily

Push me past my limit all you want.

It’s territory I know all too well.

Ben Greenhalgh

The average human uses only 10% of their brain.

That means we have 10x more mind function to tap into. 

Imagine if your brain was 10x smarter,

10x more effective, 10x more efficient than it was at your greatest moment?

The possibilities of achievement are limitless.

The common person, though, stays within the

10% that he has always used never going beyond the misconstrued boundaries of their mind;

in essence, creating a self-imposed fence around future achievement.

Go beyond the boundaries.

Unleash the 10x force.

Push beyond your limits daily.

Working up to yesterday’s limits is not the goal.

Pushing past those limits, making daily breakthroughs, is the goal.

Set out to make yesterday’s maximum today’s minimum.

And do the same thing tomorrow.

Remember, during wrestling practice, when your coach would always go past the preannounced time he said the leg lifts were going to last?

Remember how that felt?

Remember not thinking that you could hold out any longer?

But you did.

You reached a new mental pain limit.

Do that every day in every aspect of your life.

And see how your life expands.

Wrestling Rules for Life – Paperback

Signed by the author


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