You Can’t Fool Yourself

#22 You Can't Fool Yourself

Your brain will not sow lies,
And then reap the truth.

There is a saying in life,

“You can’t run from yourself.”

You are the only person with yourself 100% of the time.

Only you know if your toe touched the line when running suicides.

Only you know if you had more to give after the final whistle blew.

Only you know if you deserve the special force stored in your soul when you are reaching down for more.

Most people don’t have confidence because they feel that they don’t deserve it.


They know everything about themselves.

They know what they did, what they didn’t do.

And their subconscious mind made an evaluation that they didn’t deserve success.

Other people know they have done all that was asked of them, and when they reached down to get more, it is delivered because their subconscious made an evaluation and determined that they earned it.

Be in harmony with success by doing the work.

Convince the judge and jury, your subconscious mind, that you deserve success.

And success will appear.

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