Let’s All Be Americans

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In America, on September 12th, 2001
There were no democrats or republicans,
Only leaders working together for the betterment of our country.
There were no strangers,
Only friends you hadn’t met yet.
There were no blacks or whites,
Only fellow human beings needing comfort.
There was no hesitation to comfort someone who was in need.
We, as Americans, took action.
We reached out to people who needed our help.
Without being asked.
When we saw a person in need, we made that person feel loved, as best as we could.
We learned that words could never fully express our feelings, but our presence could.
Every person alive touched our soul.
Every life was important, every family was honored, and every breath was gold.
We united.
We helped.
We comforted.
And we consoled each other.
We were there for one another.
We treated each other with love.
I would never want to see any person of any generation, of any nation to ever experience anything like that dreaded day, ever again.
The combined pain and loss of our nation from that day is still incomprehensible and always will be.
It is amazing how it took adversity to bring the best out of all of us Americans.
We, as a country, as a human race, need to live every day as we did on that September 12th.
JohnA Passaro – Your Soul Knows
“September 12th” 11×14 Wall Decor
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September 12th shop

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