Chapter Samples

Figure It Out


To struggle and to understand.
Never the last without the first.

George Mallory

We have all been in that hallway before.

We have all lost that tough match.

We have all put everything into this sport,

and then suddenly it doesn’t work out, and it just breaks your heart.

What do we do?

What does a wrestler do?

They don’t quit.

They don’t stop.

They get back to work.

They work harder.

They throw themselves deeper into the sport.

They figure it out.

They revise their plan.

That is exactly what wrestling is about.

That is exactly what life is about. ​

Whenever you face a situation in life where you find yourself in that proverbial hallway, don’t feel sorry for yourself.

Don’t quit.

Don’t stop.

Get back to work.

Work harder.

Figure it out.

Figure It Out

Is a chapter from

Wrestling Rules for Life

Which can be purchased at

1200x628 Wrestling Rules for Life

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